The Crusader Group

Innovative, strategic problem solving, passionate, and driving positive change in the core areas of business.

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The Crusader Group

The Crusader Group, is a dynamic organization committed to making a meaningful impact in the worlds of medicine, and engineering. The group is a collective of businesses united under the leadership of Dr Kelly Tse and Jason Leigh with a shared purpose: driving positive change and shaping a better future. With an unwavering spirit of determination and an innovative mindset, we embark on building businesses that are focused in the fields of medicine, education, engineering, and construction. Through our strategic initiatives, we aim to empower, foster sustainable development. Join us on this transformative journey as we crusade for a brighter tomorrow

the crusader group

Primary Areas of Business

The Crusader Group operates in a number of business landscapes, including medicine, motorsport, engineering and construction.

Our Mission:

Empowering change, shaping futures: The Crusader Group, is making a difference, one mission at a time.

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